Waiting on the Lord

“…let none that wait on thee be ashamed…” (Psalm 25:3)

My sisters and I were huddled on the roof of the basement porch waiting—not for the fire department to arrive and rescue us, but for something we considered to be far more important. It really wasn’t as precarious a place to find ourselves as it might seem. It was probably about a four foot by four foot concrete slab. To get there, you simply had to climb over the carport wall out onto the roof of the entry porch below. It wasn’t for any sort of daring thrill getting there might afford us. It was instead the view that porch roof offered.

We had simply chosen that space, for it afforded us the best view of where the road to our community began at the bottom of the hill. Perched atop the porch roof we could see the very moment someone turned off NC Highway 209 onto that dirt road known as Miami Drive nestled in what was affectionately referred to as Bowlegged Valley by some and Skunk Holler by others.

We had our eyes set and our mission in mind. You see, we were anticipating a party. But we could not go to it until the ones who had invited us got back home to throw it. And so we waited, not so patiently, craning our necks and straining eyes, not wanting to miss the very moment the Meloneses turned between Rule Noland’s and Louisa Boyd’s houses and began the ascent up Miami Drive.

And though it seemed the time would never come, it did indeed finally arrive. And that afternoon I tasted for the first time, those browned twisted salt-laden snacks known as pretzels. I remember the whole incident so vividly for I recall my dad teasing me later that night as I cried with my legs so painfully cramping that it was those twisted up pretzels I had eaten were now twisting up the muscles in my legs. Yet I reasoned in my mind that even if that was the case, they were still worth it. It had been a glorious day filled with wonder and surprise. It had all been well worth the wait.

If the Lord can give us such pleasant memories of such simple things here on earth, can you begin to fathom what kinds of plans He must have for you and me on the other side of glory? It sometimes makes me long for a basement porch roof where I can see the very moment He turns up the road to the house. How about you?

It also whets my appetite of how and when He is going to answer prayers that I have lifted before His throne. It reminds me that those too will be worth the wait. I can certainly sympathize with David as in the first verse of the 25th Psalm he declares, “Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.” And then in verse three he says, “Indeed none of those who wait for You will be ashamed.”

The word in Hebrew is “qavah”. It literally means: waiting together, tarrying together expecting together.” Are you getting my drift? Praying often involves waiting. And waiting is easier done in the company of like-minded friends or family. As the scripture itself says, “Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” (Galatians 6:9)

Gary Bowman and I spent most of last Thursday not just learning about prayer and how to pray, but actually praying. Based around the Battle Plan for Prayer, book written by the Kendrick Brothers and inspired by the movie, “War Room” the seminar was designed to move God’s children from basic training to targeted strategies in praying.

One of the things we must always remember is that praying is an on-going process. We are taught over
and over again throughout the scripture to keep on praying, to not lose heart, to not get discouraged, to be persistent. What seems like delay is really only an opportunity to keep on praying. It is a chance to remind God and yourself just how important what you are praying for really is. We serve a loving God who does indeed want to give us the desires of our hearts.

Are you praying for Revival? Have you swallowed your pride, voiced your concern, sought Him, and repented of your sin? Just keep doing so and wait! It will be worth it!


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