“For My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts”

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 56:8)

I have said it for years, but I was intensely reminded of it when I viewed the Lifeway release of Nik Rikpen Ministries’ documentary video, The Insanity of God, “Were it not for the prayers of believers in other nations being lifted on our behalf, American Christians would not be here today!” I want to pick up on that thought and actually expand our Associational Annual meeting challenge or emphasis for the year to a three-fold challenge specifically focused on implementation between now and Easter!

Do you recall what our challenge from the annual meeting this year is? It is a challenge to pray! But to that challenge I’d like to add another. I want to challenge your church to view the documentary, The Insanity of God, some time during the month of March.

Now I want you to know up front that doing so will take some effort on each church’s part. I have already written Nik Ripken Ministries to find out what needs to be done to have a public viewing of the video. There will most probably be a licensing fee and a form of some sort indicating how many viewed the video. (I am guessing on all that right now.) But I do know, it will involve more than just getting a copy of the video and showing it at church.

Don’t let the term “documentary” turn you or others off. This is not some dry presentation of facts; this video will keep your attention! However it is approximately 90 minutes in length so that would entail perhaps a lengthier service than several of our churches would be accustomed. Yet it is also something the entire church needs to see. So you may need to plan a unique timing for a Sunday morning service, or really push your entire congregation to let them know they don’t want to miss this if you plan for a Sunday afternoon or evening. I would plan for a two hour service. It really needs to be more than just a movie presentation. It needs to be a worship service with an invitation. I’ll warn you ahead of time that you need to have some tissues available and be prepared to be convicted by the Holy Spirit. It is that powerful!

Then in light of what you see, I’d like to couple that challenge with yet another challenge that has been issued by the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. Though later in the spring than usual, Easter is still rapidly approaching and a challenge has been issued from the Georgia Baptist Mission Board for the more than 3000 churches in our state convention to invite a million people to church on Easter Sunday morning! Can you imagine one million people who don’t know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior all in church in Georgia on Easter Sunday morning, hearing perhaps for the first time in their lives about the resurrected Lord? If only one percent accepted Christ that day that would be ten thousand new believers in one day. That sends shivers down my spine. It almost sounds like something out of the book of Acts! In words that you’ll understand far better once you’ve seen the video, “Is Jesus worth it?”

Now just in case your church does not participate but you have read this article and are interested in participating yourself, I will have at least one video that can be checked out from our office.

Pray! Watch the video! Invite an unsaved friend, family member, or “pure-T” stranger (or maybe even several) to church on Easter. That’s my three-fold challenge for you between now and Easter. Pray! Place some fears to the side! Put your faith into practice! Start living in the Power of the Resurrected Christ!

Brother Doug

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