And Be Ye Thankful

“…and be ye thankful.”  (Colossians 3:15)

Well, I’m sitting here at my desk just thanking the Lord. I’ve been thinking about the “Mobilize to Evangelize” gathering we had on October 23rd. I was thanking God forthe 523 that attended representing 21 different churches. That was a hallelujah just by itself! I thanked him for the $1977 that was received in offering to defray expenses. I thanked Him for the Jordans and the marvelous job they did singing and leading us in worship. I still have chills running down my spine from “People Need the Lord”. And “I’d Rather Have Jesus”. I thanked him for Mike Stone and the God empowered preaching he did. I thanked God for the pastors who not only shared with their congregations of the event, but also for those that ended up in the altar asking God to forgive and to send a fresh anointing from on high and then themselves being prayed for. I thanked God for Fred McCoy and his diligent efforts that helped make last evening such a success.

Like the little boy in Mike’s illustration last evening said as he prayed to God thanking Him for the worship service that he had been a part of earlier in the day, “God it was just so good I wish you could have been there”. How I wish you could have been there, if you weren’t. What a call to repentance? What a challenge to pray and go and share!

But as wonderful as it all was, I know we can walk away and really not be changed one whit. It made me think of an old “proverb” – not biblical, but certainly pertinent to what I am presently addressing. I’m sure you have probably heard it, “the proof is in the pudding”. I am always fascinated about the origin of such sayings, so let me share with you a little about that before I get to the application.

The original proverb actually said, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. There is some disagreement as to whether it was first used in the 1400s or the 1600s. And the pudding they were talking about was not “nanner” or the other kinds of soft sweet dessert we think of today. It was instead mincemeat or other meat with spices packed into a casing (like polish sausage) and then boiled. Sometimes that “pudding” could go bad and you couldn’t tell it by looks. If you ate it and it didn’t make you sick, the proof of the pudding was in the eating. The proverb has come to mean that the proof is in the after results.

I am praying that proof be in the pudding with last evening’s Mobilize to Evangelize event. I am praying that it will not just have been another meeting, but that its residual effect will actually grow. I am praying it will continue to touch lives and convict hearts, and ramp up our concern for and efforts to reach the lost. I am praying we won’t just be talking about “a wonderful meeting where God showed up”; but rather others will begin talking about the powerful meeting that changed the course of history itself. I am praying they will refer to the meeting where many Baptists in Gordon County got right with God and got to witnessing. I pray that there will be such a radical change that it will only be explainable to mighty moving of God.

But I also want you to know that there are going to be more opportunities to meet together this year and worship and pray and seek a fresh anointing from God that (we pray) results in real revival. We actually have three more meetings planned in 2018. Rather than those events being at a singular meeting place for the entire county, we are planning simultaneous regional meetings that we pray will result in even greater participation. There will actually be four different meeting places for each of these three events.

These three events are all scheduled on a Sunday evening and will occur at a church in each of the four regions.

Mark these dates (January 21st, April 15th, and August 19th 2018) on your calendar and begin praying now that God will use them mightily to motivate us to be the “fessed up, prayed up, overwhelmingly loved and in love children of God, who can’t help but share their faith with others” believers we need to be.

So here I sit, thanking God and appealing to him that we might see as never before the lost that need to hear, and our need to share. I want to see that statistic that 95% of believers will never even attempt to share their faith in their life change us in the Gordon Memorial Baptist Association this year!

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